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1920 – 2020

New MKE Polling Places for April 7 (updated 4/4 9 pm)

Please check the Virtual Garage page for the new plan to combine all MKE wards into 5 buildings.   This is urgent information for you and all your friends and families.  Please read the information at the top of the Garage page, (updated 4/4 9pm) then text and email everyone you know in Milwaukee.

19th Amendment Proclaims Women's Right to Vote

The 19th Amendment did not GIVE women the right to vote. 

We already had the right to vote. 

The 19th Amendment told everyone to stop standing in our way.

MKE Voter Turnout Feb. 2020
MKE Voter Turnout Nov. 2018
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MKE early voting now curbside downtown

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MKE Ward Flyers

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Supermarket Legends

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