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Families from Puerto Rico are moving here.  We are working with the Wisconisn Elections Commission to make sure they can exercise their right to  vote in February.

City of Milwaukee announced there will be 3 early voting sites in addition to City Hall for 2018.  Exact locations have not yet been announced.  We will post them here.

Open Voter Registration Period Now

Click to download calendar

Milwaukee Ward Maps  – click here

  • 323 wards with maps and office holder information
  • outline map of ward
  • list of all officeholders representing the ward
  • dates of next election for each office
  • tips for voters on voter ID, online registration, more

~ download table signs ~

Table Sign 8.5 x 11  “Voter & Election Information”   (pdf )

Table Sign 8.5 x 11  Moved? Re-Register (pdf)

Table Sign 8.5 x 11  Register to Vote (pdf)

Table Sign 8.5 x 11  Who Needs to Re-register?  (pdf) 

Clipboard Sign 8.5 x 11  Clipboard Sign (pdf)

Name Badge placard (foldable) Name Badge  (pdf)

Wisconsin ID Poster 8.5 x 11 (pdf)

Legends Brochure – What we do, Who we are, How to contact us

                                Fridge magnet design    

Your guide to the new Wisconsin on-line voter registration process.  Download   This was prepared by Linea from the information provided by the Wisconsin Election Commission.  Get the power point version  from Linea 

 From Linea’s virtual garage- Updated for 2018


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Basics of online voter registration (OVR)

This is being revised.  It will be easier to use.  Thanks for your patience.  Suggestions

Not registered? changed name?  address change?   

  1. Check for voter’s current registration here →   My Vote
  2. Does the voter have a Wisconsin Drivers License (WDL) or Wisconsin ID?
  3. Is the address and name on the WDL or ID up to date?
  4. If “yes” then go to the new online registration at → MyVote
  5. If the voter’s address is not current,  go to the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles first to change the address:  DMV Address Change

Address on driver’s license does not have to be current address.  DMV does not automatically issue new driver’s license for address change.

Then go to MyVote to register online.  It is important to update the address in the DMV database first.  It can take a couple minutes to more thna 15 to update the DMV database.  You can give a yellow “acceptable ID” handout to the voter.  It has the MyVote URL address.  They can register at MyVote from a home computer.

Wisconsin Election Commission Online Voter Registration system explained  – Wisconsin Election Commisison

 Bring it to the Ballot graphicNew restrictions on voter registration mean you must show an ID when you register. The correct ID. Same for voting. Click here “Bring it to the Ballot”  for information from the Wisconsin Elections Board.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports on the new ID for seniors.  It does not expire.  However, to get one, the senior must give up their driver’s license.  (2/1/16)

The VA – ID card can be used for voting purposes.

Part of a campaign to spark interest among young people for voting.  A jolt of fun. Be ready to dance!  Happy voting!    (Full Tunes Production)

Notice elections are held over 2 days on a weekend.  Good way to increase turnout.

Every Voter — Every Election

We assist voters register online, make address changes, get acceptable IDs & proof of residence, hand out current voter information.  We encourage and inspire civic paticipation.  We remind voters of every election.

Virginia & Joann at Cong. Gwen Moore’s town hall meeting

Freda helps a new citizen register to vote

Fran and Margaret register voters at summer festival


Frank registers voters at Milwaukee South Side Clinic




Our President’s full farewell speech (text) in Chicago, January 10, 2017.  This printed copy of the speech has clickable links for more information.  (Washington Post, January 10, 2017)




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