We The People / Nosotros el Pueblo

Our name Supermarket Legends says it all.  We go to supermarkets to register citizens to vote.  We bring registration to the people – fairs, festivals, churches, high schools, street corners, city clinics.

Nuestro nombre supermercado leyendas significa que debemos ir a los supermercados para registrar a los ciudadanos. Traemos el registro de votantesla para el pueblo – ferias, festivales, iglesias, colegios, las esquinas, las clínicas de la ciudad

We want to know about events where we can help.  Contact us.

We are volunteers — passionate about democracy  

We proudly demand voting for all citizens with no roadblocks.  We proudly celebrate Wisconsin’s tradition of open, free, fair, inclusive elections.

  • Same day registration,
  • mobile registration volunteers,
  • no photo ID required,
  • fair election districts – fair maps,
  • early voting with evening and weekend hours at times, days and in locations chosen by the local election official
  • short lines on election day

We make sure citizens are ready to vote.   We help citizens:

  • register online / Inscribirse para votar por internet
  • change residence address,
  • request an absentee ballot,
  • know which IDs are specified by anti-democratic law for voting,
  • register and vote on election day,
  • locate polling place
  • vote early (aka in-person absentee voting),
  • encourage civic participation

We remind people of all elections.

Are you registered to vote?

 We meet citizens at community events, farmers markets, food pantries and at colleges.  We go where people are.  Got suggestions for us?

We want all citizens to vote in every electionDemocracy is strong when all citizens vote.

One vote every four years does not make democracy.  Never has.

Just like dieting or going to the gym.  Once every 4 years does not work.

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