Who should vote?  Who Decides?  What is voter suppression?

  • Some are more in-depth looks at issues like Democracy Word Cloud Concept angled with great terms such as people, rights, vote and more.
  • why should young people vote?
  • should prisoners vote?
  • what about poor people?. 

Is it un American to register poor people to vote?  Some people think so.



Every Voter – Every Election

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Not just at election time.  This is why:  Are you fighting for my voice or my vote?      Democracy is a year-round-every-year process – definitely NOT once every 4 years Local elections are very important.  Democracy works all year ’round.

Ganas by Voto Latino

Directed by Ricardo de Montreuil, cast members of Hulu hit show East Los High, Tracy Perez and Ashely Campuzano, Tony Revolori of Dope, and Noel G. of the Fast and the Furious franchise. Written by Alan Dybner.  (September 2016)

A way to use white privledge productively — Don’t cast a “protest” vote.  Vote for those who cannot vote: those in prison, those who don’t have the right ID, those who are too young, those who have no address, felons, those who can’t take time off work.  Vote for these of our community.  Make your vote s vote for the community of which you are a part.

We are social beings.  Democracy works best when we joyfully do the work of democracy together.  Celebrate!  Party!  Our “work in progress” needs a lot of creative energy now.

Is it Un-American to register poor people to vote?  Here is an observer who says it is.

(September 2011)

What about people in prison ?




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