Linea created these maps with data from the elections and from the U.S Census Bureau. 

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Voter Registration %of Voting Age Population

voter registration as % of voting age population

Voter Registration %of Total Population

voter registration as % of total population

Misreading of Voting Rights Act


New paper by voting rights scholar,  Prof. Justin Levitt

Loyola University Law School, Los Angeles, 2016

Misreading the Voting Rights Act (pdf)

Voting Machine Hack

Report from Def Con 25 Hacking Village - from the experts

Recommendations to protect voting.

Def Con 25 Report  (pdf)

Nuts & Bolts of Social Media Targeting

What does it cost to buy Wisconsin?

Business Insider

Fight back:  Who Targets Me?

Map A

Map B

US Election Assist. Commission Report 2016 Election

Data for 2016 on early voting, mail-in voting and absentee voting.

Released October 17, 2017

Summary (pdf)

Full Report  (pdf)

Cyber Threats to Canada's Democracy

Report by Communications Security Establishment  Download (pdf)

Canada's political parties and media vulnerable to disinformation and hacks

Attitudes on Democracy 38 Countries

New study from Pew Research Center comparing democracy to other kinds of government

Summary with tables (pdf)

Full report (pdf)

April 2016 Voter Turnout

Change in Turnout 2012 v 2016

change in turnout 2012 to 2016 Nov.

Voter Turnout November 2016

map: turnout November 2016

Turnout November 2016 for Clinton

% for Clinton Nov 2016

increase Turnout April 2016

April 2016 increase in voter turnout

map 1

map 2

map 3

map 4

map 5

Protecting democracy from Technology & Big Data

International IDEA Institute for Democracy & Electoral Assistance


October 25, 2017 Commentary

Membership in International IDEA is open to governments which demonstrate, by example in their own state, their commitment to the rule of law, human rights, the basic principles of democratic pluralism and strengthening democracy.

Why is U.S. So Susceptible to Social Media Distortion?

Opinion piece from New Yorker magazine October 31, 2017.

"Why is the US So Susceptible to Social-Media Distortion?"

This is one informed theory.  If you find more, let us know.  Tell us

"But Marshall McLuhan predicted that the Third World War would be 'a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation,' and that’s exactly what it has turned out to be."

Webinar - Increase Voter Turnout

Friends, This webinar is revealing as to which demographics register and vote and which ones don't.

If we want to change voters' behavior over the long run, then we need to be in the communities where voting rates are lowest. (And we need to get vote-by-mail statewide.)

It's long, so fix yourself a bowl of popcorn.......  ~ Linea

1 hr 10 min

Increase Turnout

Democracy Depends on . . . Data

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

"To make sense of the future and connect the dots, journalists need to archive their documents and share them. And we’re not doing it."  text and video

TEDx Talk Oct 2017

Democracy Depends on . . . Data

Voter Turnout Study 2016

MIT Charles Stewart Voter Trunout Study 2016

If you love data - this is it.  200 voters in each of 50 states reported on their experience.

Full Report  (pdf)

Art is Essential to Democracy

From HowlRound "for theatermakers worldwide"

Click here:  " . . . we can inspire people to change the world"