Change in Strategy at March Meeting

We brainstormed what Supermarket Legends can do to promote early voting without close person to person contact.  Our delivery team is already dropping off 17,000 early voting flyers at nonprofits and the Hunger Task Force, which is placing them in shopping bags.

1.  Call grocery stores.  Will they take our flyers to distribute at checkouts or a table, or post a notice about early voting on their community bulletin boards.

2.  Check with Laundromats in the city if we can leave flyers for customers to pick up.

3.  Set up displays with a voter information sign and flyers at the DMVs and later in libraries when they reopen.  Remember we are promoting "Every Voter - Every Election"

Supermarket Legends has a significant impact in the GOTV effort.  Volunteers  have registered over 2500 voters and distributed more than 45,000 voting information flyers.  Thanks to all for your support and your generous monetary contributions!   Please click the "Donate for Democracy" button to give $10 (or more)  to our printing fund.  Shifting strategy means we rely ea lot more on printed materials.

We always need money for printing.  Please contribute $10 for printing.

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