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Suffragist Helena Hill Weed, 1917.  Three days in prison for carrying a banner that read:

"Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed."

Suffragists fought for the vote in the US

Suffragettes fought in Great Britain

Women's rights activists lived and fought worldwide


Created by All Voting is Local

Learn more about incumbents and candidates.  Vote Smart is nonpartisan.

Information on the incumbent's votes, positions, speeches given, and sources of funds, are online.  Enter your address and Vote Smart gives you information about your representatives.  Search for information about any incumbent - federal and state.  Candidates will be included closer to the election.
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Make a Plan for Voting

This is a very good checklist/brochure for every voter.  It reminds the voter of everything they need to do and what they need to have for voting.  Good for volunteers helping voters. 

Interested in helping people register?  Click here to contact us.

What is mail-in voting?  How does it work?

Does it increase voter participation?  Yes!  Mail-In voting keeps us safer in this pandemic.  Mail in your vote & avoid the lines for the general election November 3.  You can register online   (BTW mail-in voting is the same as absentee voting)

Oregon's had mail-in voting since the late 1990s (click here for more information on Oregon).  Voter participation in Oregon is the highest in the country.  Both parties support it.  Wisconsin's April 7 election mess is furthering the national discussion on mail-in voting.

How to Get ID for Voting

Current information on how to get an ID for voting in Wisconsin.  From Common Cause and the League of Women Voters. 

VOTE411 Candidate Information

VOTE 411 is a League of Women Voters website providing information on upcoming elections and candidates for the entire country.    LWV is nonpartisan for every one of its 100 years.  Celebrate the centennial of the League of Women Voters this year in August.

Each candidate is asked the same questions.  The Wisconsin candidates' full responses are located here.  The responses are not edited.  Not all candidates responded.

Want to know what district you live in?  You can find that # on the website.  Info for the entire state.

Detailed information for each City of Milwaukee district (by #) is on this excellent website.

7 Ways to Use Facebook to engage your friends and family in voting.

Excellent Video less than 2 minutes


Poweful.  Unlike any other voter motivation video.  With captions.

YelloPain - My Vote Don't Count


2020 Voter Calendar.  This calendar has everything.  Every volunteer needs one of these.  It shows open registration period, cut off dates, election dates, and more.  8.5 x 11.  In color. 

North Side Volunteer Locations.  List of places where volunteers will be working.  You can use this list to pick your places to contact voters. 

North Side Locations by Type.  List of volunteer opportunities by type of store or other building. 

South Side Volunteer Locations.  Like the North Side list, this is your planning guide for helping people register to vote and reminding them every election is important. 

Our April 7 election made international news for all the wrong reasons.

Many see the chaos created for the April 7 election as what every state can expect in November.

We are on the front lines fighting for democracy.  Democracy is government by the people, for the people.  Voting is our power.  (No wonder some work so hard to stop us.)  Voting matters in every election.

pencil and clipboard

We are YOUR source for everything about voting.   Each new flyer is added as it is updated.  We gather everything you want right here.  Want something that isn't here? -- tell us.

Milwaukee Ward Maps & Offfice Holder Information

  • 325 wards with maps and office holder information
  • outline map of ward
  • list of all officeholders representing the ward
  • date of next election for each office
  • tips for voters on voter ID, online registration and more

This link takes you to another website.  Use your back button to return to the Supermarket Legends website.

Download Milwaukee Ward Maps


These are compiled and updated by Anne & Suzanne.  Thanks!!

Homeless Voters

NEW for 2020

State of Wisconsin official authorization statement on homeless voters.  Contact staff at homeless shelters now and discuss registering residents to vote. 

Homeless-Residency Info  - Info on residency requirements for homeless people, proof of residency form for shelter staff to sign,.  Homeless people who are citizens can vote.  The voices of homeless voters matter.

Libraries, DMV, High Schools

Milwaukee Libraries locations and hours -- librarians will help online registration

DMV locations and hours - great places to meet voters

High School voter packet  

Excellent material including: US voting rights historical timeline  and  information on how to vote in Wisconsin.  Talk about the history.  Let students test themselves with an old Louisiana jim crow literacy test.  Perfect time to talk about current voter suppression laws.  (packet prepared by League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County)

Elections 2020

  • Tuesday, February 18
  • Tuesday, April 7
  • Tuesday, August 11
  • Tuesday, November 3

Ain't no virus gonna stop our democracy!

Table Signs

All table signs are 8.5 X 11.  These fit nicely in plastic holders or on a wall.  These can be run in color which attracts attention.

Voter Information

Pile of moving boxes with message about register to vote after you move

Moved? - Reregister

Regiter to vote sign

Register to Vote

What other signs can you use? Click here.  Tell us what you can use.

Election Inspector Application

Election Inspector  online application – Any Milwaukee County citizen at least 18 years old & eligible to vote may apply.  If you are fluent in English/Spanish or English/Hmong consider applying.  This is rewarding work.

Clicking this application for Election Inspector takes you to another website.

Volunteer Newsletter Signup

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Absentee Ballot Applications, Curbside Voting

    • Seniors and Voters with Disabilities – Info   Know about curb-side voting?  Call your city clerk.
    • Applying for an absentee ballot can be done online at  Starting Wed August 12.  Do it now!
  • City of Milwaukee packet English – proof of residence information and Milwaukee Voter Registration Form
  • City of Milwaukee packet Spanish – proof of residence information and Milwaukee Voter Registration Form
  • Application for absentee ballot   2020 elections  Milwaukee (instructions included)  Read this page
  • Application for an absentee ballot in Spanish 2020 Elections Milwaukee (instructions included)
  • Wisconsin application for absentee ballot 2020  (Milwaukee accepts this form) 

Online Voter Registration

Your guide to Wisconsin on-line voter registration process.  This was prepared by Linea from the information provided by the Wisconsin Election Commission.  Download here:

Use the Voter Registration Slide Show Online.  Click Here


We are rethinking handouts.  Check back here for more information on what we will have and how we plan to distribute them.

  • Smart voting rights & tips   4 to a page/2 sides,  handout on your rights as a voter - good anytime, good opportunity to remind voters of every election in 2020.
  • Acceptable ID sixers 2019 English  6 to a page/ 2 sides, lists what IDs are acceptable for registration and at the polls.  These make nice handouts at busy events and locations.  English
  • Acceptable ID sixers 2019 Spanish  6 to a page/2 sides.  Spanish

Every election is important. 

Use Your Right to Vote for the People Who Can't Vote


Bryan Stevenson is the founder and director of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery Alabama.  He defends the poor and the incarcerated.  (A link to one of his TED talks included)

Happy Voting (you can't watch this just once)

Welcome to Wisconsin!

Families from Puerto Rico are moving here.  We are working with the Wisconsin Elections Commission to make sure they can exercise their right to  vote.   Information on how to get a photo ID for voting.