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Homeless Voters

The Voices of homeless people matter.  Make sure their votes count.

Guide for homesless voters.  Contact staff at homeless shelters now and discuss how residents can register and vote. 

Homeless-Residency Info  - Includes proof of residency form for shelter staff to sign,.  Homeless people who are citizens can vote.  

Now is the time to plan for next spring -- Local offices and Partisan primaries

We printed voter info flyers in Spanish & English.  We handed them out.  The election is over and the pro-democracy candidate won!!

We raised $1,350 of $2,400 we spent on 100,000 flyers for this spring's elections.  That leaves $1,050 short for the next elections in spring.   Will you help us start the next election cycle fresh?   Any amount you can afford will help.

Please Chip In for Voters    -  Our GoFundMe campaign click here



Be sure to register to vote if you moved.  You can register or re-register online at


Accurate & current information.  The LWV is spectacular at all things voting.  LWV Wisconsin has an active library of current issue resources.  Consider joining.

Mis- and Dis- information  Learn Here

  • What is it ?
  • How to Spot it
  • How to Stop it

10 Things to Know About Voting in Wisconsin in English -- handouts for any time 

  2 pages - print back to back, then cut into 4 handouts

10 Things to Know About Voting in Wisconsin in Spanish -- handouts for any time

   2 pages - print back to back, then cut into 4 handouts



What Does the Wisconsin Ballot Look Like?

Refresh your knowledge of the Wisconsin Ballot  - short video by Judy Shatkin. 

Ballot Basics:  What does your ballot look like?   Carefully fill out your ballot.  Judy shows you how.

Thanks to our friend Judy Shatkin from Illinois.


Election Inspector Application

Election Inspector online application – Any Milwaukee County citizen at least 18 years old & eligible to vote may apply.


Why volunteer?

"I see people nod and smile as they read our early in-person voting information.  They look up say “thank you!” and often take more for others.  Thanks to all of us  (especially Linea, Terri and Dorothy) for making a wealth of excellent information and making it available !  \O/"
~ Donna


Want to help voters?  Contact us

Get familiar with the Wisconsin website:  The list of information online is massive.  Get all the forms you need for running for office.  Several videos on just about every aspect of voting from registration to to the audit.

Voter Registration  

Use these forms for all registrations in the state, including Milwaukee.

Want to help voters?  Contact us

Voter Registration online at

Voter Registration Instruction Slideshow click here   Excellent for voters and volunteers.

VIDEO  How to Vote by Mail  Super Hero GIF by INTO ACTION

created by All Voting is Local 


Want to help voters?  Contact us


Wis Elections Commission Voter Outreach Resources -- videos that you can watch on YouTube and Vimeo.

Request Absentee Ballot online.  Click here:

Use Your Smartphone to Request Absentee Ballot

Want to help voters?  Contact us

"Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed."

A set of short videos from the Wisconsin Election Commission


Mail-in/absentee voting is secure -- flyer from Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Wisconsin elections are secure and audited -- how it is done.

Check the status of your mail-in/absentee ballot.   Enter your name and address to see when your ballot was received to be counted.

Use Your Privilege   (1 min 56)

Ain't no virus gonna stop our democracy!

Supermarket Legends: Celebrating 12 years increasing voter turnout

Haudenosaunee Confederacy - World's Oldest Continuous Democracy

How do we strengthen this gift?

The oldest, continuously functioning democracy was working very well on this land (US and  Canada) for centuries before the Spanish settled Florida.  Two short videos about the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.  See democracy with fresh eyes.

Our job is to keep democracy strong and vibrant.  Your role as a citizen is to participate.  Helping voters is fundamental civic involvement.  Volunteer now.  We are stewards of democracy.  We follow respectfully in the footsteps of democracy's founders, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

Table Signs  8.5 X 11

Need any other signs?  Tell us

Curbside Voting & More

Court changed the residency requirement for voter registration.  Residency is now 28 days (not 10 days).

    • Seniors and Voters with Disabilities – Info   Know about curb-side voting?  Call your city clerk.
    • Voter Packet for High School students (includes a jim crow voter test)


Steps to Vote: from Registration to Casting Your Ballot

Want to help voters?  Contact us

  • Election Information - Step by step instructions on voting in Wisconsin
  • Smart Voting Tips - Know your rights 4/handouts per page, print one side
  • How to Vote Healthy in Person in This Pandemic from Brennan Center for Justice

We Welcome Volunteers

Right now is a good time to learn more about voting in Wisconsin.  You are the right person to jump in and help citizens with the nuts and bolts of voting.   Contact us.  Click here.
"We have a...Senate that has a minority of misguided senators who will use the filibuster to keep the majority of people from even voting. 
They won't let the majority of senators vote.  And certainly they wouldn't want the majority of people to vote. "
                                                        - MLKing   July 5, 1963