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Why volunteer?

"I see people nod and smile as they read our early in-person voting information.  They look up say “thank you!” and often take more for others.  Thanks to all of us  (especially Linea, Terri and Dorothy) for making a wealth of excellent information and making it available!  \O/"

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Voter Registration Training

Slide Show - Concise and illustrated.   A pdf of this slideshow can be downloaded below.

You can download an offline paper version of the Wisconsin voter registration process.  This was prepared by Linea from the information provided by the Wisconsin Election Commission.

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We are YOUR source for everything about voting.   Each new flyer is added as it is updated.  We gather everything you want right here.  Want something that isn't here? -- tell us.

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How to Vote By Mail


Created by All Voting is Local

ID for Voting in Wisconsin

Created by All Voting is Local